Mr. Winkler Has Arrived at Rectory

Mr. Winkler is a new English teacher and tutor at Rectory School.

Mr. Winkler is a new English teacher and tutor at Rectory School.

Video produced by Steven W. and Paul S. of Rectory School.

Who Is Mr. Winkler?

Mr. Winkler is a new faculty member at the Rectory School as of September 2015. He is an eighth-grade English teacher, and he also tutors students in the Individualized Instruction Program (IIP). He has lived and taught in China and Japan, and these overseas experiences have helped him teach the many international students at our school.

Mr. Winkler is very involved with student activities. For example, he has organized monthly student trips to the University of Connecticut campus for their featured author readings, which are part of the “Roar Reading Series.” Students listen to published authors read from their own books, short stories, and poems.

Mr. Winkler has also introduced the Rectory community to a monthly “one-sentence story” contest. Each month there is a different word that students and faculty must use to write an original one-sentence story that cannot be more than 40 words. There is a winner for the best sentence in each grade level and one winner from the faculty submissions.

We are all very happy to have Mr. Winkler as a member of our school community. Please watch our video to learn more about him and the impact he is having on our campus!