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Amazing Winter Sports Events to Watch

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During the 2015/16 winter season, there were three big skiing and snowboarding sports contests that all the winter sports athletes were looking forward to. In my opinion, all of these contests were breathtaking to watch! They were: the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado; the Real Ski; and the Winter X Games in Oslo, Norway.

At the 2016 Winter X Games in Aspen, most of the best skiing and snowboarding athletes from around the world were in attendance. This year’s X Games were tremendous and very exciting; everyone competing was trying to win a gold medal, and it pushed them to perform their best tricks. Some of the most amazing things happened, such as witnessing the youngest person to win a gold medal at a Winter X Games event when 13-year-old Kelly Sildaru from Estonia won the Slopestyle event gold. We also saw the cool back-to-back triple cork that the 5-times-gold-medal champion Mark McMorris landed. The 15-year-old American snowboarder, Chloe Kim, was on fire since last year’s X Games, where she won a silver in the Superpipe event; this year she won the gold in that competition. Altogether, this year’s Winter X Games in Aspen were a wrap, and many people, like me, already can’t wait for next year’s X Games!

Moving on from Aspen, there was another ski contest called the Real Ski, which made its X Games Real Series debut this year. This contest involves the best all-urban freeskiing athletes from all over the world ( Each of them submits a 90-seconds ski video, and a panel of judges picks six of the best videos. In addition, fans can vote for their favorite video from the six finalists. The winners were announced on February 20th. This year’s final six contestants were Will Wesson, Tom Wallisch, JF Houle, Clayton Vila, Ahmet Dadali, and Cam Riley. The winner was Will Wesson, who also got my vote. JF Houle received the silver, and Clayton Vila got the bronze. The fan favorite, who received the most votes from the fans watching the videos at home, was Tom Wallisch.

As Will Wesson won the Real Ski contest, the X Games were starting in Oslo, Norway. This X Games combined both snow sports and summer sports. This year many athletes from all over the world were invited, and they all met in Oslo. My favorite athletes who got invited were Gus Kenworthy, Bobby Brown, and Henrik Harlaut. These X Games were just as exciting as the X Games in Aspen. For the final of the men’s Ski Big Air, Henrik Harlaut earned the gold medal, which was quite a feat for him, as he was returning from a big crash the previous winter. The Ski Superpipe’s gold medalist was Torin Yater-Wallace, a 20-year-old-rookie. The Japanese snowboarder, Yuki Kadono, earned his first Snowboarding Big Air gold medal.

Watching these winter sports contests is very exciting because there are so many different events, and the athletes keep pushing themselves to perform more and more dangerous moves each year. I can’t believe how brave they are to perform the risky jumps and flips that they do.  They work so hard all year to improve their skills, and it’s thrilling to watch the end results. If you haven’t watched the X Games and the Real Ski videos, make it a point to check them out next winter. I’m sure you’ll be as amazed and entertained as I always am!

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  1. adviser on April 10th, 2016 12:03 pm

    Louis, I had never heard of the X Games and the Real Ski until I read your article. I watched some You Tube videos of some of the winners, and I agree that their skills are amazing! Thank you for bringing these winter sports to our attention with your news article! Great job! Mrs. Shattuck

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Amazing Winter Sports Events to Watch