The Oakley® Airwave™

Oakley Airwave goggles (

Oakley Airwave goggles (

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Have you heard of the Oakley® Airwave™? Do you know what they are? Or, even if you already know that the Oakley Airwaves are skiing goggles, do you know all their special features?

The Oakley Airwave goggles are not just eye protection when you are on the slopes. They are a piece of technology that features an HUD (Heads-Up Display, specifically the Recon Snow2 HUD) in the bottom right corner of the goggles. It has notifications that keep you updated during your run down the mountain, such as missed calls, texts, where your friends are on the mountain, the resort map, speed, altitude, and much more!

The Oakley Airwave goggles, according to many critics, are the best piece of wearable ski technology out there. Once paired to your Apple® or Android™ smartphone, the goggles become “smart” goggles. You can track which ski run you are on and where you are on the mountain. You can keep records of your top speed or longest airtime when you do a jump.

Sometimes people who are skiing think it’s a pain when they don’t like the song on their phone, or they’re just tired of it; then they have to unzip their pocket, change the song, and put their phone back in their pocket. The Oakley Airwave goggles solve this problem. They come with a remote that wraps around the wrist to navigate around the HUD, change music, and answer phone calls. You might think the HUD screen would obstruct your wide field of view, but they are designed not to narrow your field of vision. Have you ever lost a friend on the mountain or taken a wrong turn? The Airwave goggles come with buddy tracking and mountain GPS.

The Airwave just got the Recon™ update for an improved battery with a longer life. They even got updated to become compatible with the GoPro® HERO4. If you have the GoPro connected to your Oakley Airwave, you can see what the GoPro sees in real time, meaning while it’s happening.

You can also connect to Facebook© on the Oakley Airwave, receive messages, and send preset messages. If you need to text something that is not already preset on the goggles, then you will have to get your phone out. The optics of the Airwave goggles are the same as those in the Oakley® Prizm™ goggles. These goggles have technology to improve the visibility, more than a normal set of Oakley goggles without the Prizm’s technology. It’s like a picture editor, but it’s in real time.

The Oakley Airwave goggles are not cheap, but with all these useful — and very cool — technology features, I think the expensive price for these goggles is well worth it. What do you think?

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