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2015/2016 Editor’s Message

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The 2015/16 school year is the third year that our student newspaper, The DiRectory, is fully online. Mrs. Kellaway, former English teacher and now full-time tutor at Rectory, is once again working with me as the newspaper’s co-advisor. We have nine students from grades 7, 8, and 9 who are enthusiastically working on articles and videos about life at Rectory School to share with our community. So we are off to another good start!

Our mission this year will continue to be one of increasing our readership. The students have some great ideas about how to make this happen, including more announcements at morning assembly, hanging posters and pictures around campus to advertise the newspaper, increasing the number of teachers and students who sign up for automatic e-mail alerts, and even purchasing some tablets to place strategically in the academic building that teachers and students can use to access the online newspaper. Mr. Williams has agreed to consider this idea, and the newspaper staff members have already researched prices. We are awaiting final approval, so that we can purchase the tablets and implement this promotional idea as soon as possible.

You can see that being a member of the student newspaper staff is not just about writing articles. Membership also ties in nicely with Rectory’s pillars of learning, a.k.a. the four C’s:  creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Our staff members used critical thinking to come up with realistic ideas to meet the challenge of increasing newspaper readership through collaboration with each other, creativity, and then communication with our headmaster, Mr. Williams. Now that’s active learning! Stay tuned and check in often to see when our idea comes to fruition! (We are thinking positively!)

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About the Writer
Mrs. Shattuck, The DiRectory Advisor

In 2013/2014 Mrs. Shattuck became the new student newspaper advisor. She had big shoes to fill, as she took over for Mrs. Rimer who retired the year before...


2 Responses to “2015/2016 Editor’s Message”

  1. Mrs. Rimer on August 7th, 2016 10:33 pm

    Great points, Mrs. Shattuck! The newspaper has always been about the four C’s even before the four C’s were Rectory’s official pillars of learning. Thank you for carrying that torch so professionally in the online format.

    Mrs. Rimer

  2. Mrs. Rimer on September 21st, 2016 11:09 am

    Dear Mrs. Shattuck and Mrs. Kellaway,

    As a former DiRectory advisor, back in the dark ages when we were print only, I am so impressed with your online version. It is accessible, attractive, and FASCINATING. The copy is perfectly edited and the reporters have chosen subjects which give the best glimpse of Rectory life. Thank you, always, for continuing the hard work that goes into running a newspaper. The DiRectory is the BEST part of the school website.

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2015/2016 Editor’s Message