The New Hallway Buddies at Rectory


What’s black and orange and hangs around the stairwells and hallways of Rectory? It’s the new CUBBIES, and they are the new storage spaces for students’ books, backpacks, and sports bags. These cute new cubbies have been installed near the stairs off the Day Room and between the second and third floors on your way up to the library.

The DiRectory has learned that eventually all student lockers will be replaced with cubbies. Currently, only a few lockers have been changed to the new cubbies; these are on the second floor near the Science Lab. The rest of the lockers will be replaced with cubbies next month (March, 2015), if all goes according to schedule.

The new cubbies will help solve a few problems in the hallways of the Academic Building. For various reasons, students did not like using their lockers, so they would leave their books, backpacks, and sports bags on the floors in the hallways and on the floor in the back of the Tang Center. Not only did this look messy and cluttered, but it also posed a serious safety risk. Students, faculty, and administrators could trip on the straps of backpacks and sports bags, and in case of a fire or other emergency, the clutter in the halls could seriously impede everyone from exiting the building. In addition, it did not look nice when visitors came to tour the school, and seeing the messy, cluttered halls must have concerned the parents of prospective students.

Each cubby has a unique number, and some Rectory students have already been assigned to a specific cubby. These students think the cubbies are wider than the lockers, so there is more space for backpacks and sports bags. They are also happy with the attractive and convenient design. Students have commented that the clothes hanger in each cubby is at a suitable height for their coats, the large compartment on top can fit all their “stuff” inside, and the small compartment underneath fits their cherished sneakers.

Best of all, with the cubbies, students will no longer have the hassle of trying to open lockers; they won’t need to remember those complicated combinations of Arabic numbers and English letters anymore! This means they can save time going from class to class—which means you’d better not be late to class. If you are, you can’t use the excuse of not being able to open your locker anymore! You’d better have an orange pass, or else!!! Thank you, cubbies, for making the Rectory hallways safer, more aesthetically pleasing, and more efficient, too!!