Buddhism: A Personal Perspective

Buddhism: A Personal Perspective

Buddhism is the most common religion in China. Buddhism is mysterious and attractive; its philosophical values greatly affect many people’s principles of life. Some Buddhists claim that the religion brings not only mental enlightenment but also physical improvements over long periods of time.

My own grandmother is a half-Buddhist, as she practices most aspects of the religion, but not all. I believe Buddhism helped shape her behavior; her kind way of treating others follows the Buddhist teachings.

I started to practice Buddhism a few months ago. In the beginning, I did not find anything special about it, but I did notice that there are many strict rules for Buddhists. In fact, Orthodox Buddhists are not allowed to eat any meat or eggs, lie, say harmful things, drink, smoke, or treat others with prejudice. However, as I started to put effort into learning Buddhism, I realized that each rule has its own meaning. For instance, not eating meat is, in a way, reasonable, because it not only represents killing, but also affects people’s physical health. In fact, scientific research reveals that meat-eaters have more acid than vegetarians, as well as a host of other ailments. This explains why this “unbelievable” rule was made.

Moreover, after learning Buddhism, I realized that many things that made me feel upset in the past, now have much less effect on my emotions. Buddhism states that when you are born, you do not bring anything into the world; in the same way, when you die, you are not able to take anything with you. So, why do you need to worry so much about what you gain and what you lose in this life? The only matters you should concern yourself with are living your life positively and doing all the good deeds you possibly can.

Gradually after praying twice a day on a regular basis, I have noticed that I am more calm, and not easily angered or excited. I am able to peacefully face many situations, no matter if they are pleasant or sad. In addition, I have discovered that I was worrying too much about the past. It seems I gained a sense of freedom when I was able to clear my mind of thoughts that were actually not that important. Now I can focus on what really matters; thus, my life feels more balanced and more fulfilled.