Rectory Students Chosen to Perform at QVCC Music Festival


Members of the Rectory Orchestra and Chorus who were chosen to participate in the QVCC Music Festival

“Music puts everything you wish you could say into words and melody. Music takes the moments you’ll never forget and makes them permanent.” – Stephen Gomez

I think Mrs. Bessette and Ms. D’Angelo, our own music teachers, would like this quote. When asked her opinion about the Quinebaug Valley Music Festival, Mrs. Bessette responded enthusiastically. “Our students performed wonderfully, and they didn’t only practice at school. Many of them practiced at home, and it made a huge difference.”

We also wanted to know how the students were chosen, mainly out of interest, but also in case any of you readers want to find out how to get into the competition. “The students have to be older and solid musicians with great attitude and effort,” said Mrs. Bessette. So if anyone out there wants to enter this competition next year, be prepared to work hard!

It’s an honor to participate in The Quinebaug Valley Music Festival, which is a competition for the top students from ten local area schools. This year the festival was on Monday, November 3rd, and Thursday, November 6th, with the culminating concert Thursday night at 7:00 pm at the Putnam Middle School in Putnam, Connecticut.

The festival is important, of course, but since the whole festival is about music, we asked what songs were performed. Mrs. Bessette reported that the chorus sang “Rhythm Dance” by Kirby Shaw, “Where Go the Boats?” by Phyllis Aleta Wolfie, and “The Battle of Jericho” by Robert Emerson. The orchestra played “Pueblo” by John Higgins, “Above and Beyond” by James Swearingen, and “Tango Mariana” by Joseph Compello.

The orchestra students from Rectory who participated in the competition were, as follows:

  • Seventh Grade – Stella P. on flute and Nathaniel R. on the saxaphone
  • Eighth Grade – Aderemi A. on trumpet, Gabby K. & Michael P. on the clarinet, So Min L. on flute, and Build S. on saxaphone
  • Ninth Grade – Mary H. on the flute and Tony J. & Maxwell G. on saxaphone

The Rectory chorus students who participated were:

  • Eighth Grade – Hattie C., Helen H., Aidan M., Anna M., Zachary P., and Meg R.
  • Ninth Grade – Maya G., Steven H.,  Peter K.,  Jae Won L., and Jessica N.

If you see any of these students in the hallways at Rectory, please congratulate them; it’s extremely difficult to get into this competition, so they all deserve our heart-felt praise! “Bravo!” Rectory students, and “Well done!” Rectory music teachers, Mrs. Bessette and Ms. D’Angelo! All of your hard work and dedication has paid off, and we are all the beneficiaries, as we thoroughly enjoy listening to your music performances. Thank you!