Mr. Campbell’s New Role at Rectory

Mr. Campbell, Rectory's new Head of Secondary School Placement

Mr. Campbell, Rectory's new Head of Secondary School Placement

This fall Mr. Evan Campbell, a former English teacher at Rectory School, received a new position as the Head of Secondary School Placement. The headmaster, Mr. Williams, presented this offer to him at the beginning of spring break last March. This opportunity is a challenge and represents “professional growth” for Mr. Campbell, as he has always aspired to move into administration. Thrilled to make strong connections with the ninth graders and their families, he spent the rest of the spring and summer vacations preparing for his new role, researching the secondary schools that Rectory students have previously attended.

Mr. Campbell claims that the job of the Head of Secondary School Placement “takes shape in many different ways. It constitutes everything from responding to voicemails and emails from parents, to working with the students to prep them for interviews and applications, to meeting admissions counselors from all of the secondary schools. I think it’s best to say that I am an advocate for our students, and my job is to find the right school for them, so they can continue their success at the next level.”

When the 2014-2015 school year started, Mrs. Gibbs, the former Head of Secondary School Placement, moved to the admissions office, and Mr. Campbell’s new career began. Mrs. Gibbs has been instrumental in helping Mr. Campbell transition into his new role as smoothly as possible.

A normal routine in the fall consists of arriving early each day to check for emails and/or voicemails. Helping students schedule their standardized tests happens before meeting secondary school representatives and giving them a tour; one or two visit Rectory each day. It is essential for Mr. Campbell to regularly keep in touch with the students via email. Despite the change, the former English teacher aims to bring the same kind of work ethic and energy to the office as he brought to the classroom.

The goal Mr. Campbell has set for himself is “to find the right fit” for the students. He feels responsible for helping each and every student experience that “gut feeling” when he or she visits a campus. The feelings of safety, happiness, and ambition are more important than a secondary school’s acceptance percentages, matriculation lists, and facilities. “My number one priority is finding the school that will allow each specific student the opportunity to flourish,” he says.

What is Mr. Campbell’s advice to all students looking at secondary schools? “Don’t be concerned about the rankings of schools. Those lists are often arbitrary, and are not compiled based upon the individual. The ‘best’ school may not always be the best school for you.”