Fall Family Weekend 2014


This year’s Fall Family Weekend at Rectory, which was held the weekend of October 10 – 12, was a big success. A series of well-planned activities took place throughout the busy weekend, including  the PRISM concert, sports games, the new “Paw Draw,” and parent-teacher conferences.

New to Fall Family Weekend this year, the Paw Draw, a new raffle program, was one of the main attractions. Instead of holding a silent auction, as in previous years, the Paw Draw raffle allowed for much more participation. Those who entered the drawings had a chance to win tickets to professional sports games (Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins’ games), concert tickets, plane tickets to Asia, and even more attractive prizes. Parents bought their tickets in the library, and the final winners were chosen via the drawings in the library on Saturday afternoon. Just as he had hoped, Mr. Nagle, who was in charge of the Paw Draw, thought it was a great success. He said they had wanted to figure out a way to get more people involved, besides the regular silent auction. They were able to include a lot more participants with the new raffle system, and they had a variety of winners. It seemed that a lot of people were very excited about the Paw Draw, especially at the end, when they held the drawings. “There was a nice crowd and people were able to receive their winnings right away,” said Mr. Nagle.

Rectory school also did a great job on the sports fields, in spite of the rain on Saturday. Most teams did really well and came out victorious. It was a wonderful time for parents to see their children playing sports outside on the fields,  instead of studying in their classrooms. Not only was popcorn on hand for hungry spectators, but there was also a street vendor that provided hot baked potatoes with a variety of toppings! This was a great touch to an otherwise cold day.

On  Friday night, our talented Rectory students filled the Tang with music at the annual PRISM concert. With compositions from around the world, students, families, and faculty experienced an evening that highlighted the international community that we have built here at Rectory. Mrs. Bessette and Ms. D’Angelo worked hard to ready our young musicians who met the challenge once again, as the audience was transfixed by their polish and precision.

Every year, Fall Family Weekend is a time for teachers, students, and families to connect. It allows students to show all of their hard work and brings our community together in a flurry of activity and excitement.  With each year outdoing the last, it is easy to anticipate great things next year, as well.

Congratulations and thank you to all who worked hard to orchestrate such a successful Fall Family Weekend!