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Laura and Leo’s Poems About the Seasons

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Each of us seems to have a favorite season, and each season brings with it the anticipation of starting anew. Two of our staff writers have expressed their feelings about the ever-changing New England seasons through poems and pictures that convey the essence of what each season means to them. Enjoy their creation!



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About the Writers
Laura R., Staff Writer

Laura R. has been a Rectory student for 4 years and is now an 8th grader. She is from Nassau, Bahamas. She came to Rectory as a 5th-grade student, but this is her first year on the newspaper staff. She joined the newspaper in the hope of becoming an exceptional writer. Laura’s main sports are ice hockey and equestrian, and her hobbies include reading and writing poetry.


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Leo S., Staff Writer

Leo is an 8th grade student at The Rectory School. He has been at Rectory since 6th grade. He was born in Russia and moved to the USA three years ago. Leo hopes that working on the newspaper staff will improve his writing. During free time he likes to watch movies and eat snacks (especially Skittles).

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Laura and Leo’s Poems About the Seasons