New Teacher Profile: Mrs. Barker


Gene C.

Mrs. Barker is a new teacher at Rectory School this year. She is teaching Latin and History and coaching the JV Basketball Girls team. She is the latest addition among many to the Rectory School faculty. Welcome to Rectory, Mrs. Barker!

DiRectory: Where are you from?

Mrs. Barker: I was born in Michigan, but lived most of my life in New Hampshire. However, for the past four years, I’ve lived in Massachusetts.

DiRectory: Where did you go to school?

Mrs. Barker: I went to Saint Anselm College for my B.A. in Classics, and I attended Boston College for my M.Ed. with a specialty in Latin and Classical Humanities and a Teaching English Language Learners certificate.

DiRectory: How did you find out about Rectory?

Mrs. Barker: I found out about Rectory from my husband, Mr. Barker. He began working here last year, so I visited often and got to know the Rectory community.

DiRectory: Why did you want to become a teacher?

Mrs. Barker: Becoming a teacher, for me, has always been a natural process. Whether it was helping my brother with his schoolwork, tutoring my peers in high school and college, or privately teaching individual students, I knew before becoming a full-time teacher that it was a profession that suited me because it allowed me to share my passion and skills with others.

DiRectory: Have you taught at any other schools? If yes, where?

Mrs. Barker: For the past four years I taught English and Latin at Bishop Stang High School. I taught Sophomore Honors English (American Literature) and the first three levels of Latin, both Honors and College Placement levels.

DiRectory: What is your teaching style?

Mrs. Barker: My teaching style is always evolving. I love to incorporate time-tested strategies with new technology to engage my students. I also aim to use all different kinds of activities so that my students, no matter their learning style, get varied instruction and are able to see the material from different perspectives. Aside from having my students learn about the content, I aim to help all of my students improve their critical thinking skills!

DiRectory: Do you have any siblings?

Mrs. Barker: I have one younger brother, Patrick. He just graduated college and got an awesome job with Twitter!

DiRectory: What are your favorite things to do?

Mrs. Barker: I love to listen to country music, read, hike, teach, coach, and travel!

DiRectory: What are your goals for the future?

Mrs. Barker: My goals for the future are to travel to Europe again and potentially get my Ph.D. or another degree – I love learning!

Directory: Do you have any advice to your students?

Mrs. Barker: My advice to my students would have to be to try their best, ask questions, and enjoy learning.