New Teacher Profiles: Ms. Hannah Minifie

Miss Minifie is the new art teacher at Rectory School this year.


Miss Minifie is the new art teacher at Rectory School this year.

Ms. Minifie is the new Art Teacher at Rectory this year. She is also the Out of Bounds Dorm Parent. She is very popular with the Rectory students and has had a great first year teaching. This interview took place during the spring term.

DiRectory: How did you find out about Rectory?

Ms. Minifie: I wanted to become a teacher so I went online and discovered Rectory and applied.

DiRectory:  Do you have any brothers or sisters? Are they younger or older?

Ms. Minifie: I have two brothers who are both older than me and a sister who is younger than me.

DiRectory: Do you have any pets, and, if so, what are their names?

Ms. Minifie: I don’t have any pets here, but at my mom’s house we have a lot of pets — like a horse, and my dog, Lilly. She is awesome!

DiRectory: What is your favorite book?

Ms. Minifie: Water for Elephants is one of my favorite books ever.

DiRectory: What types of movies do you like to watch? What is your favorite movie?

Ms. Minifie: I love drama and suspense, but I don’t really like romance or horror.  “Avatar” is my favorite movie ever.

DiRectory: What music do you listen to?

Ms. Minifie: I listen to a variety of music. The only kind that I don’t really like is country.  It just depends on my mood.

DiRectory: What inspired you to be an art teacher?

Ms. Minifie: I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in college. During my senior year, I started to think about where I wanted to be, and realized that during my time as an undergraduate and in high school, I had internships and tutored at several different schools and educational programs. I hadn’t really thought about teaching when I worked at the internships, but was just choosing them based on my interests. I loved working with children, and decided from there to pursue teaching.

DiRectory: Did you ever consider other jobs?

Ms. Minifie: For a short time, I considered doing scientific research through the University of Michigan. My areas of focus in school were studio art and biology. If I hadn’t chosen to become an art teacher, then I would have continued to study science and might have become a science teacher!

DiRectory: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while teaching?

Ms. Minifie: There have been a lot of funny moments in the last year…. it’s hard to pick just one. I think the time that I laughed the hardest was with my kindergarten and first grade class. We were making papier mâché birds, and the students were using the papier mâché for the first time. One of the kids, a kindergartner, put both of his hands into the bowl and was pushing the mâché around. He looked up at me and said, “This is disgusting!” and proceeded to play with it for the rest of the class period. The whole class agreed and seemed to really enjoy playing with the “disgusting” stuff.

DiRectory: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Ms. Minifie: I really enjoy my time here at Rectory. I think that I will be here for at least a few more years. At some point, I would really like to go back to school to get my Master’s degree.

DiRectory: What is your favorite thing about Rectory?

 Ms. Minifie: I love the sense of community at Rectory.  The students are also pretty great. I think I love being able to do so many different activities every single day. I love teaching, and coaching, and being a dorm parent. In no other job could I do such a variety of things while being around such great people.

DiRectory: Why did you choose to teach in a middle school?

Ms. Minifie: I chose to work in a middle school because I love how much energy and enthusiasm the students have. In the Art Barn, we get to see such a creative and curious side of the students. It is amazing what the students are capable of and the amount of energy that they are able to display in their work.