Happy Anniversary!

Have you ever thought about getting married and growing old with someone that you care about? Do you hope to find that special person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life some day? Last summer, there were three Rectory faculty weddings, and The DiRectory had the great pleasure of interviewing each couple. They are Mrs. LaBonte-Campbell and Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Rodman-King and Mr. Trevor Rodman, and Mrs. Hart-Rodman and Mr. Matt Rodman (Trevor’s dad).

Two of the couples met at Rectory. Ms. LaBonte first met Mr. Campbell when they began tutoring on the same day in 2010. There was an instant connection for them that day, and Mr. Campbell would often ask Ms. LaBonte to join him for dinner. They were engaged two years later. Ms. Hart met Mr. Matt Rodman at the Rectory 2010 Athletic Awards Assembly when they were both coaches. Ms. King met the love of her life, Mr. Trevor Rodman, eight years ago at Elmira College in upstate New York. They met through mutual friends at a basketball game.

Each couple had very different proposals. A proposal is when someone plans how they will ask another person to marry them and then carries out that plan. Ms. King and Mr. Trevor Rodman went to pick out a ring together in March, 2013, but the jeweler ruined the surprise! Later Mr. Rodman took the ring back from Felicia and proposed properly! Mr. Matt Rodman got down on one knee to propose to Ms. Hart at their home in Pomfret in 2012. They had been dating, but it was still a surprise, and she said, “Yes, of course!” The most romantic proposal prize goes to Mr. Campbell! He decorated his apartment with flowers, candles, and balloons. He and Ms. LaBonte had gone to Worcester, MA, for a sushi dinner. When they returned to campus, he told a “white lie,” saying he had to go upstairs to the restroom, when he really went to get his apartment ready. Ms. LaBonte went to her apartment to freshen up, and when she returned, she found the stairs “covered in rose petals, with Mr. Campbell waiting among the candles, flowers, and balloons and the ring in his hand!” After he made sure she wouldn’t throw her purse in the candles, he proposed!

When planning where they would hold their special occasion, one of the couples chose Northeast CT, while the other two couples ventured out west and to the salty marshes of Cape Cod. Mr. Campbell and Ms. LaBonte-Campbell had their wedding at The Mansion at Bald Hill in Woodstock, CT, on July 27, 2013. According to Mr. Campbell, “Mr. Brad Seaward was the Most Valuable Person of the reception with his dancing!” Ms. Hart and Mr. Matt Rodman married on August 24, 2013, overlooking the ocean marsh where they kayak together on Cape Cod, with a sunset dinner cruise aboard the Lobster Roll over Cape Cod Bay. They both agree, “It has been smooth sailing ever since; together we are each other’s safe harbor.” But Mrs. Rodman-King and Mr. Trevor Rodman win the prize for going all the way to Las Vegas for a wonderful wedding on August 11, 2013. They even had their ceremony online for those family members who could not attend!

Ms. Hart-Rodman has two daughters, Brielle (Rectory graduate 2003) and Hollie (Rectory graduate 2005). (Hollie now teaches art at Rectory.) Mr. Matt Rodman has two sons, Trevor and Colin (Rectory graduate 2010). I think it’s safe to say that the entire Rectory community is anxious to see a mini-LaBonte-Campbell running around campus, which will be happening soon!! And for now, Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Rodman are enjoying being dorm parents in Fisher Dorm with their fluffy cat, Leny.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the next two Rectory wedding celebrations. Mr. Barker is getting married this summer, and his wife-to-be will be teaching at Rectory next year! Ms. Powers is also getting married this summer, and her soon-to-be husband teaches at Pomfret School. With all these weddings, the Rectory community just keeps on growing, which makes the term “one big happy family” more appropriate than ever!